How to write strong female characters ?

With the increasing trend of stories containing female protagonists, the world of ‘heroes’ have changed. Readers especially like reading about a strong female character sine they are rarely seen. Here’s how you can write a strong female character:

  1. Individuality: And by this I mean, they should have lives outside of romance and outside just being a passive character. They need to be important for the story and written in a way where she takes action to change things and moves the plot along.
  2. Badass characters: Most rookies make the mistake of thinking that only badass females who are acrobats or have strengths and go around kicking people’s asses are strong. What makes a female character strong is the depth and flawed personality and strengths attached to handle them. This doesn’t mean that a strong character can‘t also be a badass. Just look at Caelena Sardothian from Throne of Glass series.
  3. Feminine traits: Some authors, in their belief of creating a strong female character tone down the feminine side, the traits that make a woman feminine. That is not the way. Show those traits as acceptable and add strengths to the character that don’t contradict the feminine side.
  4. Role model: The best way to write a great female protagonist is to chose a role model either from real life or from existing literature and determine what makes the character alluring. Then it is the path of following their footsteps with your own words and ideas.
  5. Avoid clichés: Avoid writing more about the character’s appearance than her abilities as often done in case of female characters. Try to not include the stereotypical beliefs about woman as incorporating them would make the readers detest the character.

In the end, add more than one strong female character if you may. Be careful while creating a female character that uses her sexuality as a weapon. These characters are often alluring but only if written rightly. The line between controversial/ amoral and mysterious/classy is thin in case of such characters. Make your character exist for herself and then give her an agenda. The trick is to write realistic characters who are feminine yet not whiny or weak. Play to their strengths and add qualities that are dominant in women in real life. Or just do one thing, don’t even pay attention to the gender until after you have created the perfect character. Use all the technique to create a strong protagonist and then just make it female.

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