Tips to make your Protagonist likeable

It is horrible when you find a book that has a great theme and plotline but it revolves around a protagonist that you couldn’t care less about. Disconnect with the protagonist can be the main reason for readers to dislike even a great book. A protagonist is mainly what keeps a book flowing. Here are a few tips on how you can make your protagonist likeable:

  1. Start from the opposite

Character development is basically your character starting off as a completely different person and by the time the book ends, he is either perfect or a total mess. But the basic inherent traits should be in him and that should highlight at points.

  1. Character flaws

Readers love flawed characters because they are relatable. The lie your protagonist tells himself as to why he can’t achieve something should be something that readers can feel and see themselves going through as well. Those imperfections are what make a protagonist likeable.

  1. Ability to act

Passive protagonist who react instead of doing something to make things happen are not only weak but also boring.

  1. Reasons

If a protagonist has strong reasons to do even the wrong things, he will be adored. If he does even the good things for the wrong reasons or weak reasons, it will make him unrealistic. The reasons for his actions must be thought out properly.

  1. A unique compelling quality

There has to be something that differentiates your protagonist from other side characters. One compelling quality that belongs only to the protagonist. Maybe he is witty, sarcastic, mysterious, twisted, any unusual talents.

  1. Secretive

Don’t lay out your entire plan and protagonist’s thoughts and feelings all at once. That makes them predictable and predictable is boring. Let them stay cryptic and make the readers curious about them.

  1. Challenges

Throw some obstacles in the path of your protagonist and let him crumble beneath it but then add causes as to how and why he can overcome it.

  1. Hang out

In the end, just create a protagonist that YOU would like to hang out with. Give them a backstory, the qualities that you would like, know your protagonist like you do yourself.

And that is all, just don’t forget your side characters who are just as important as your protagonist. A story that solely revolves around one person would be of no interest to anyone.

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