About Us

Kalamos Literary Services

Kalamos Literary Services is one step solution for publishing and marketing your book. It was founded by Anuj Kumar in 2016 in hopes to make your manuscript our priority. With a brand that was created through hard work, Kalamos has ranged from genres like Romance to thriller to horror.

Why Kalamos

Why choose us

Are you tired of waiting around for your manuscript to be heard? Are you getting impatient for the book to be in your hand? Do your family members think of you as an idiot?

Well the last one isn’t important to answer.

Kalamos Literary Services is exactly what you need. It’s responsive, fast, reasonable and interactive. It’ll give you honest solutions to you r literary concerns.

If you want your book to be published in a month-DONE!

If you want it in a week—DONE!

We at Kalamos don’t take forever to answer. We don’t force. And we don’t rob. We just make it happen. And you will keep wondering if you are floating in a dream cloud if you become our clients.

And this is just for the publishing. For marketing…well…we can do wonders.

So if you are convinced for whatever has been written here, then you need to clap for yourself. You are wise and intelligent. And for those who don’t believe us and who feel we are deceitful in our methods. For those, who have this tiny voice in their head saying “Oh, how can they do it, boo-hoo, how are they any good?”

In the end, all we can say in response is…

Don’t Stop. Believe it.