Author Picture

Tanmoy Basak

Here’s a little conversation anecdote to know about our Co-Author:
Co-Author: “Now we proceed to the next scene, where we see that the horizon of this beautiful place is zooming out from the character as he stands looking at it in the morning calm.”
Author: Wait a bit there! We see?
Tanmoy’s profession can be known as a Cloud Specialist in IT, but those clouds don’t just house technical complexities and algorithms. Time and again, it forms creative ideas in its mist. But it doesn’t just stop there. From creating light and dramatic moments to executing a well-crafted action scene, the ideas in his head float out as a feel of a motion picture around him, immersing him in the experience. He wants that feel to surround the readers too, setting them afoot in an alternate reality which has a soul of its own.
Apart from writing, he enjoys the company of his friends, loves visiting the hills and is an avid online gamer.