Top 10 reasons people buy romance books

Romance novels are a huge trend among teenagers and even elderly women and have always been. Men are also known to casually pick up a romance every once in a while. There’s barely a Nicholas Sparks book that hasn’t become a bestseller or been adapted. So what is the reason behind so much fascination behind this genre?

  1. Escaping reality. Any person having problems in real life or an unfulfilling love life can easily pick up a romance book and indulge in the fictional world and for those few hours, everything will be perfect.
  2. Because Romance means happy ending, readers often pick up a light romance after a heavily depressing book or incident.
  3. Inspiration for real life: People tend to incorporate certain habits and accept certain traits from these books in real life to make their life better. The hope, overcoming obstacles and struggle shown in romance novels between couples might help a real life couple in solving their problems.
  4. Live through the characters: For those lacking the romance element in their lives, reading romance novels is a way through which they can experience the character’s life themselves.
  5. Recollection of the past: Romance trend is higher between older woman and they tend to read romance to recollect their own romantic experiences from past life.
  6. Genre includes other elements: Romance is the only genre that exudes limits. You can find romance in Fantasy novels, sci-fi, historical fiction or even thrillers. It is the one thing that just exists everywhere and same is true vice versa. Sometimes a romance book is not solely about love but has other contemporary elements in it as well.
  7. In love with the idea of love: People read romance because it gives them hope. They are in love with the idea of love that borders on perfection yet insanity. There’s happiness in it and unimaginable pain.
  8. Book Boyfriends: This is a real reason. You can’t have too many book boyfriends and romance novels are exactly where you can find the perfect book boyfriend.
  9. Feminism: Real life is often too hard on woman and romance stories just give them a reason to feel good about themselves. These are like fairy tales for grownups.
  10. Feels good: In the end, people read romance for the same reason they read any other book. Because it feels good.

Just add some cheesy or steamy romances to your TBR as well and off to the world of Love and happiness.

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