What makes a book bestseller

A bestseller is a book that is included in the list of top-selling titles. Basically, if you sell around 1000 copies in your first week of release or 10000 copies every year, you will find the name of your book atop a bestseller list. It is hard to determine what makes a book a bestseller since many good books often lack behind in finding an audience and some not-so good books become bestsellers.

The simplest way to become a bestseller is to write a good book. And even then, you might not make it. With a strong plot, unique idea and relatable characters, you will find an audience. Then comes the marketing strategies.

You pour all your hard work into writing a book, but that would mean nothing if you can’t sell it. Good marketing strategies, timely exposure and the acceptance of audience is what makes a book a bestseller. Write about a common topic that is being talked about a lot or chose a genre than has more readers and follow the footsteps of the authors already on the bestseller list.

Publishers also play an important role when it comes to making a book a bestseller. They need to invest in how good a book looks. An eye catching cover and an interesting title is what compels a reader to pick up a book. The book should get into the hands of reliable reviewers to generate buzz about it. Invest in advertisement and promotion of the book and work with libraries and special markets.

The author and publishers both need to work together to (a) get a good book out into the market that will be readily accepted by the wide masses and (b) make people believe that this is something they would want to read.

If you are self publishing and still wish to see yourself upon the bestseller list, then make your book available for different distribution channels and not just Amazon. The first week is the most crucial and gives you the biggest opportunity of hitting the bestseller list and once you make it that far, you will be able to add that Bestseller mark on your book, which will promote the book further. Even after you do everything right, it is still up to luck. Some great books never make it to the hands of more than a few readers and some substandard books often become popular.

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