10 myths about Publishing

1. I’m published. Everyone will buy my book.

No they will not. Publishing is just half the race. Marketing is the rest of it. Just because you recently got published doesn’t mean everyone will start buying your books immediately.

2. Agents are unnecessary.

If you just want to self-publish to show people that you wrote a book, then sure, you don’t need an agent. But if you wish to make a career out of being an author, it is important to have a good literary agent. It is not just because they are industry professionals and know more than you but also because good publishers won’t even look at your query letter without an agent.

3. I just wrote a novel. Agents are going to pursue me

They are not. You are going to have to make an effort to make a good agent notice you and sign you. Agents are flooded with lots of query letters by various authors. You have to write something really incredible to stand out.

4. I’m gonna self-publish and make a lot of money

There are thousands of books self-published on Amazon and there’s a very rare chance that you will make money from your book. Even if you sell a hundred copies, Amazon will cut off its commissions and make more money than you.

5. All published authors are rich.

That is one of the most popular publishing myths that having your book published will instantly make you rich. It won’t.

6. If your book is rejected, it is garbage.

Even popular authors have faced their fair share of rejection. So, just because a book got rejected by a few publishers doesn’t mean it does not have potential.

7. My book will sell itself

Once the book is published, it is your job to do the publicity, make people aware of it and talk about it. The book NEVER sells itself. That is why book bloggers, literary and marketing agents exist.

8. Have to be cliché

The popular belief about commercial viability of a book is that if it resembles a book already a bestseller, it will also sell. It won’t. You don’t need to be cliché to have commercial viability.

9. Submitting poetry or stories in anthologies is the best way to break into mainstream market.

10. Another popular myth is that if your book is accepted by a large publisher, you will get a sizeable advance. Most debut authors get very little advance which they have to earn back through royalties.

Do we need literary agents?

August 10, 2017

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