Top 10 Fictional Characters of all time

Do you know how many amazing fictional characters exist in the folded pages of books? There are too many to count. Yet here I am, doing the impossible and making a list of 10 incredible fictional characters that have passed the test of time and still exist as the personal favourite of all readers.

  1. Sherlock Holmes

No surprises to see the best private detective, a keen observer and a charming character at the top of the list eh? Though the list would seem incomplete without the mention of the much loved companion, Sir Watson.

  1. Hamlet

The mad hamlet or the misunderstood Hamlet, depends how you see him. But no matter what, he is one character that you will not forget.

  1. Jane Eyre

This strong feminist character that stood up for herself in the time where it was hard for women to do anything they wish is an inspiration to many women till date. She began the trend of strong female protagonists.

  1. Rhett Butler (Gone With the Wind)

Girls might adore Darcy but for me Rhett Butler is the definition of charming. He is smart, witty and a true gentleman.

  1. Atticus Finch

Bold, Heroic, honourable and a true role model to every man out there. He might not be an obvious favourite but he is the ideal character one can love easily.

  1. Dorian gray (The Picture of Dorian grey)

He might be a sinner with a doomed soul but he makes the dark side look like so much fun. I love it all, his beauty, his madness, his anger, his loneliness and of course his cursed eternity.

  1. Midori Kobayashi (Norwegian Woods)

She’s smart, funny, outgoing, lively and modern even in the sixties. She embraces the new world while retaining the traditional values and even though she lives a complicated life, her smile can brighten up a room.

  1. Fred and George Weasley

The list would not be complete without the mention of these iconic Harry potter characters. They were the epitome of fun and all that was exciting about Hogwarts. The mischief makers to the end.

  1. The Mad Hatter

There are many incredible characters in Alice in Wonderland but this one needs no introduction. He might confuse you but in the end, he was the most sensible character.

  1. Hannibal Lecter

A sophisticated serial killer who has inspired countless books, movies and TV series till date. There has never been aq villain who has been as feared and s loved as our very own Dr Hannibal Lecter.

Some unusual and uncommon choices but you have to agree that all of them have a special charm that makes them memorable and unwilling your favourite character.

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